"The message well I hear, but faith, alas is wanting. Yes, the faith in a helper and savior is often put to a hard test here.

The sick have been deceived so often and have buried all hope.

- Adolf Just

"Mopes Max von Pettenkofer, a German chemist, did not contract the disease even though he deliberately swallowed a cholera bacteria, a virulent culture. This was a source of amazement for a century later. He also was one of the first to state that hygiene was a matter of good health rather than just good manners.

- Rudolph Hauschka, D. Sc.

Forces Against Nature

If an angel came and gave a formula that would cure almost any disease, it would be against the law to claim its effectiveness. If the angel went about healing and curing people, the FDA would probably handcuff the angel at gun point and attempt to remove the angel from fulfilling his/her Divine Mission.219 But explaining in simple, scientific terms how we destroy our own bodies and minds and how we may reverse that destruction, leaving out all claims, will hopefully not offend the AMA, FDA or the drug companies they support, will it? Though our freedom of choice in selecting the treatments we believe in to cure our bodies has largely been taken from us, we fortunately, live in a country that still guarantees freedom of speech, to some degree.220

Unfortunately, people in this country are not well informed about a system of healing that has proven to be effective in curing and preventing chronic and degenerative diseases. In fact, they are terribly discouraged from using effective alternatives, sometimes by force. I believe the reason is that effective treatments do not produce the massive profits that our modern medical system generates. The health profession makes money on sick people, not healthy people. If doctors were to make everyone well with a system that works, they certainly wouldn't perpetuate their incomes. After all, there would be little use for this book or any other health book, nor the Cleanse Thyself Program, or even the entire health care system. How sincerely do we want to heal?

Ignoring the intestinal tract, nutrition, and the power of the mind are among the greatest and most dangerous mistakes that medical doctors, other health professionals, and their patients can make. It is the number one physiological reason for the failure to prevent and cure disease of any kind. Most Americans have serious problems in their intestinal tracts, whether they know it or not. And, almost all persons, even the majority of vegetarians, are deficient in minerals -especially electrolyte minerals.

Conventional Medicine Suppresses Bowel Cleansing

It was very interesting to discover that almost no clinical studies have been written in medical journals about intestinal toxemia as the cause of disease since the late 1940's - about gastrointestinal diseases, yes, but not about toxic bowel conditions. Prior to the 40's, "intestinal toxemia" was a common term used by medical doctors. It was a term which indicated a major cause of disease. Understanding cause is essential, for until one knows the cause of disease, its treatment is a shot in the dark.

Deny the cause and the cure remains a mystery. The average American can understand this, so why do so many doctors resist this truth? Is it because the medical conspiracy is keeping it from reaching medical schools? If the medical world would treat the cause of disease with Nature's perfect way: good food, herbs,221 cleansing and fasting; instead of relying on man-made harsh chemicals called drugs,222 radiation, scalpels, saws, knives, and other dissection tools (treatments which always weaken rather than strengthen the body); their continual failures could become successes. Though this would not enhance the medical industry's pocketbooks and could even restructure the entire American economy, America would become a country of healthy people.223 Perhaps it is necessary to ask whether people really want health, vitality, a clear mind and freedom. Or are they willing to sacrifice these blessings for a better house, a nicer car and toxic responsibility?

Once I was talking about treating causes with a fellow who didn't see the point. He said, "When I get a flat tire, I just fix it. I don't worry about causes." I replied, "Would you try to fix the leaking hole in the tire while the nail was still in it?" He said, "Oh, I see what you mean." Then I said, "How about not getting the nail in the tire in the first place? That's preventive medicine."

Doctors do the very same thing as this mechanic when they cut cancer out, or remove a colon or breast and don't address diet, nutrition, pounds of toxicity, and emotions. They don't even touch the cause. They scarcely even consider it. It is like putting a patch over the nail in your tire. It may work until you pay your bill. Patients go home and pray that the cancer doesn't come back again. Seldom are they told to change their diets. 224 They are rarely given nutritional advice, even though they are terribly depleted of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. So patients of the Church of Modern Medicine225 go on doing the exact same things that got them sick in the first place. What's really being said to them is: "Go home and keep doing whatever it was that made you sick in the first place. Then we will see you again, and again, and again. And remember, as long as you have insurance or plenty of money, we are here to serve you."

This habit that people and doctors have of not considering the cause is the result of super-brainwashing. We have been brainwashed into believing that meat is necessary for health, that dairy is good for our bones and teeth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, fresh human milk is good for human infants, and fresh raw cow milk is good for calves, but pasteurized cow milk is extremely harmful for both cows and people.226

There are many ways that the medical authorities squelch alternative treatments for disease. The medical community is still trying to say that no one recovers from AIDS. Their response to all the recovered AIDS patients is, "They probably didn't have AIDS". When they are confronted with the fact that their doctors said they did, they try to get out of it by saying, "The doctor may have made a mistake". What they are really saying is that if a hundred thousand AIDS patients take brand x and get well, it is not necessarily a proven cure. They have to prove that it is scientifically a cure before they will accept it as such. That way they have all the time in the universe to not announce a cure. For the standards on what is "scientific" may vary widely, and are easily manipulated for monetary reasons. This is one of the ways they maintain control. This rigid adherence to what is supposedly "scientific" is nothing but a business convenience in my opinion. It has nothing to do with science. They want to make sure the money keeps coming in for research and that they can keep selling drugs that are only partially effective. If they sold drugs that worked, and everyone became healthy, then they would be out of business. As bad as that sounds, that is exactly the way it is. 227

During the years from 1880 to the late 1940's, incredible information had become available to support the theories that the cause of almost all diseases could be traced back to the gastrointestinal tract. However, it was becoming obvious that if the disease industry was to ever expand and become the high-profit business which it is today, the knowledge of the causes and remedies of disease would have to be suppressed. Before 1950 there was very little disease in America. It was the healthiest nation in the world. It was clear to many doctors and scientists that just cleansing the bowel and changing the diet would solve about 90% or better of all health problems. So the "disease industry", which is comprised of the drug cartels, and all their supporting organizations, including food manufacturers, pharmacies, supermarkets, and the meat, dairy, sugar, candy, and processed food industries, made some important decisions. They clearly understood that to produce massive profits and successfully achieve a medical monopoly,228 it would be necessary to switch everyone's attention from cause to symptoms and stop teaching the importance of bowel cleansing and diet in medical schools. The success of their actions created the world's most profitable industry, and probably amazed the instigators themselves. It was even more profitable, consistent, and deadly than the war industries. I realize this appears to be rather a rash statement, but the evidence is undeniable.

The Germ Theory

The number one most effective scheme to increase disease and profits was to establish a concept called the "Germ Theory" or the "Theory of Infection". This is a theory that implies that we are not responsible for disease; that disease is a condition imposed upon us from an outside source. Based on Pasteur's original concepts, the idea is that disease is primarily caused by outside entities such as bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc. It is theorized that these "germs" attack our bodies, and there is little anyone can do to prevent this germ invasion. This is still the accepted theory of modern allopathic medicine. We have all been programmed or brainwashed into believing in this "Germ Theory".

After seeing disease overcome by countless people who have made changes in diet, lifestyle and thinking to cleanse their bodies, I have to conclude that: we create our own disease by our own life-styles and thought processes. Based on my own studies and observations with darkfield microscopy, while studying under Gaston Naessens, I believe that our bodies even have the ability to mutate microorganisms into various bacteria, yeast, and viruses and it is our own consciousness that regulates the species of microorganisms.

All life on our planet depends upon a specific environment for survival. You will not see penguins in Africa, or giraffes in the Arctic. You do not see flies in a clean garbage can, nor will you see pathogenic microorganisms having a field day in a truly clean and healthy person. Pathogenic germs must also have the specific environment they require. Germs are usually not the cause of disease, but are the result of disease. Germs are the smoke, not the fire. It is what we do to ourselves that produces the internal chemistry that is necessary for germs to survive.

When this is fully realized in our society, disease will be on the endangered species list. Truly, it is the unnatural things we do that force the body into one situation after another until it loses its ability to maintain natural balance. Because of what we do, we change the internal chemistry (inner environment) of the body - especially in the bowels, then the blood, etc..

In contrast to the Germ Theory, the "Theory of Toxicity" is a concept which asserts that disease is primarily caused by toxic internal environment which causes congestion and malfunction. It proclaims that we are indeed responsible for our health. This theory suggests that it is what we do to ourselves (diet, emotions, etc.) that provides specific internal environments in which disease and germs can thrive.

The primary problem with the Germ Theory, is not whether or not a bacteria or virus causes a disease. The main problem is that the Germ Theory does not address the physiological and psychological factors which allow the germ or disease to develop. It subtly denies the power within ourselves which allows each of us to control our lives.

Three Reasons Why the Germ Theory is Devastating

1. Suggests Diet and Lifestyle are Unimportant

First: It encourages harmful habits by suggesting that it doesn't matter what we do or eat. Supposedly, diseases are caused by germs or carcinogens attacking us, and there is nothing we can do to avoid them except to use vaccines and get regular check-ups. This theory perpetuates extremely harmful and unnatural dietary and other lifestyle habits which flood our bodies with toxic acids, mucus, and many other poisonous substances. These acids and toxins activate a disease cycle which is a pleomorphic 229 process that causes mutation of normal life forms within our bodies. From this gradual mutation process, disease develops, and if the cause is not abated, various diseases are allowed to advance into chronic and degenerative states. Adherents of the Germ Theory intentionally believe that it doesn't matter what we eat - that eating has nothing to do with health or disease - yet even most children know better than that. It has only been in the last few years that the trend has begun to change. More and more medical doctors are realizing that their college professors did not have all the answers, and that there is a great need for doctors to think for themselves.

2. Deadly Treatments Suppress Symptoms and Stop Healthy Toxin Elimination

Second: The germ theory encourages medical doctors to use costly, ineffective, often harmful, and sometimes deadly methods of treatment - treatments that often cause serious future diseases. Medical practices, with the blessings of the AMA and the FDA, bombard our bodies with even more toxic contaminants by using treatments (drugs and radiation) which seldom produce the desired effect, or do so only on a short term basis, while causing many complications, further weakness and disease.230 Antibiotics are only one example and compared to other drugs, a mild example.231 232 However, there is probably more disease caused by antibiotics than any other thing in this world, except diet, and negative thinking. For antibiotics upset the feeding system of our bodies. The fundamental core of our being, which every system, every organ, tissues, fluids, and chemistry depends. It is ironic how clearly antibiotics have saved the lives of thousands of people, but promoted massive suffering and death to millions. But it occurred so gradually, that it has taken decades to finally realize what they have done. Should we really blame antibiotics? I don't think so, for the truth is, each of us had to make the decision to go against what is natural. Not only that, but our minds, through the habits of thinking and feeling, pull us into the situations we experience. Chemotherapy drugs and other drugs often poison healthy cells and suppress the body's elimination processes, driving disease deeper into the tissues, which may bring temporary relief, but only postpones the body ridding itself of the potential deadly conditions that caused the disease in the first place.

Drugs can force the body to stop the process of eliminating the toxicity and other conditions which have already caused the internal environment to alter. Most drugs merely postpone disease eruptions, which are very likely to occur repeatedly in the future. It is far better for a patient to deal with a disease at the earliest possible moment and eliminate the filthy sludge that germs thrive upon, rather than when the body may be older, weaker, more toxic, and unable to deal with the future eruptions. Even medical statistics reveal that medical practice contributes towards the tenth highest fatality rate in the U.S., which is doctor-caused disease or death. Statisticians even have a name for it, "latrogenic."233 However, a little further research in statistics reveals that they left out important figures and failed to include deaths caused by medical drugs and infections contracted in hospitals. Medical drugs were the third leading cause of death, and hospital contracted infections was fifth! Out of a total of 392,556 deaths tabulated under leading causes of death in 1996, 17.74% were caused by the practice of conventional medicine.234

3. Teaches Denial of Inward Healing Power

Third: The germ theory subtlety, thoroughly, and very effectively, causes the believer to deny his/her own trust and faith in the Innate Intelligence (Infinite Intelligence, God) which actually does the healing. It is this intelligence that is the basic intelligence in our DNA. Just as a surgeon's scalpel accurately and effectively cuts away specific tissues, so the germ theory destroys the faith and often the hope of our own beings by subtlely and unconsciously persuading the patient to reject their trust in Divine influence and the natural laws of nature.

The germ theory is the basic belief of the world's most profitable and powerful religious organization (modern medicine), which is wise enough to not call itself a religion. Yet it is. And it takes away the natural faith of gullible victims, causing them to trust in man-made intelligence, man-made inventions, man-made cleverness, and decisions. This religion takes away the faith that health can be restored, the hope of perfect health, and the possibility of future health.

The use of vaccines, which is based on the Germ Theory, is destroying our children and their minds, and genetically engineering future generations.235 See the end of this Chapter for more information. These substances do not cleanse or strengthen the body, they contaminate it. The scalpel, drugs, and radiation do absolutely nothing to eliminate the cause of disease. On the contrary, the belief in these things prevents people from seeking out the more basic cause, which is always a result of habitual thoughts and feelings which are soul based.

Summary: Basic Causes Must be Addressed to Recover Good Health

Drugs (especially vaccines and antibiotics), chlorinated and fluorinated water and air pollution, acid-forming foods, processed foods, mineral deficient foods, unnatural chemicals and hormones in foods, and harmful emotions, are not the way to good health. We need to understand what these things do to our bodies, what we can do to prevent them, how to correct the harm already done, and then develop the inner strength to live a healthy lifestyle. For it does take a unique strength to live healthfully. Indeed, there are many things that may present obstacles: social pressure, difficulties in obtaining pure and wholesome foods, higher prices, bad habits and the effort it takes to develop new ones.

And yet, after all I have pointed out, I want to say that there may be rare times when a drug may be the only thing that can solve a problem. The difficulty is knowing when it should be used.

Why Medical Science Chose the Germ Theory

Even though Pasteur's work triggered development of the "Germ Theory," also known as the "Theory of Infection," Pasteur himself later rejected the theory.236 Medical science, however, adopted it. Here was the beginning of the downfall of the healthiest nation in the world. In only 80 years America would drop from the healthiest to become the sickest nation in the world.237 During this time the medical industry grew exponentially. It is mainly because of adherence to the Germ Theory, that even today, most medical doctors do not believe that it matters what we eat. Medical science does not even teach nutrition to medical doctors.238 Further, they want us to believe that all the filthy, slimy, moving garbage we see in a sick person's blood is sterile.239 They want to give us all sorts of vaccines, shots, tests, radiation, drugs, operations, etc., because they want us to believe that we need to attack and kill these entities which have invaded our bodies, rather than clean the environment that makes their propagation possible.240

Why are medical doctors taught this? How much money will drug companies and doctors make if they send their patients home and tell them to change their diet, cleanse their bodies using herbs, fasting, and enemas, or simply use natural means to help improve the body's elimination? What will be their future profits if disease is eradicated?

How much money will drug companies and doctors make if they tell their patients that they need more tests to discover what germ is at fault, where it is located, how severe it has become and then take even more tests - that they need to spend more time at the hospital, that they need to take more drugs or get operated on. Of course, if the solution has not presented itself by then, they instruct that you repeat the process all over again. What will be their future profits if disease is increased?

Other Ways Medical Science Has Increased Disease

High Protein Diets

Next to the Germ Theory, the most treacherous scheme to increase disease has been to encourage high-protein diets.

High-protein diets, long touted as essential to health, lack fiber, and are very acid-producing. In reality, the high protein diet:

  1. Causes excessive acids and toxins
  2. Depletes minerals
  3. Reduces oxygen potential
  4. Reduces peristalsis
  5. Causes the body to create excessive mucus and congestion
  6. Damages the digestive tract
  7. Weakens the liver and other organs

Auto-intoxication is a result of intestinal toxemia which is primarily a result of a high-protein diet, mineral deficient food, an excess of processed food, and too much cooked food.

Success in promoting the high protein diet was achieved through many educational techniques, some of which included changing the 12 Basic Food Groups which contained more alkaline-forming foods, to the standard 4 Basic Food Groups which contain more acid-forming foods. The meat, dairy industries, and medical industry, of course, loved the increased profits of their disease-causing products, as did the cereal companies; for it was well-known that harmful bacteria in the bowels was a major cause of disease, and that high-protein diets changed the helpful, friendly bacteria into harmful, putrefactive bacteria. Now the 4 Basic Food Groups have been revised again and fortunately it was an improvement this time.241

People who have been indoctrinated into belief in a high protein diet have asked me, "Where do you get your protein?" I tell them, "From watermelon, and my wife gets hers from lettuce." It is almost impossible to not get enough protein. Protein is in all foods except oils.242 Where do cows get their protein? From grass. Where should people get their protein? From fruits and vegetables and a few nuts, grains and legumes. The only way anyone can not get enough protein is: 1) they don't eat enough of the above foods, or 2) their digestive system has failed, or is functioning so poorly that they cannot digest or assimilate the food they eat. Don't buy into the protein scare - it is a lie that is designed to make money!

Bad Bacteria, Toxins and Candida

Ammonium, clostridium, indole, skatole, urea, and guanidine are some of the toxins produced by the bad bacteria which thrive on high-protein diets. Many of these toxins affect the central nervous system. It was found by 11 independent labs that schizophrenics have 5 times more indole and skatole in their urine than what is normal. The liver cannot protect us from all harmful toxicity produced by the putrefactive bacteria, even when we have strong, healthy livers, and it has been estimated that a high percentage of people have weak livers.

There is strong evidence to support the fact that all cancer, AIDS, liver disorders, kidney, brain, and heart disorders receive their toxic malformations from toxic intestines. Note especially Sir Arbuthnot Lane's comments in Chapter 4. He was convinced that intestinal stasis was a forerunner to cancer.

Candidiasis is a terrible yeast infection that can create overwhelming levels of toxicity, and is associated with the onset of many serious diseases. It was only discovered in the 1970's and in a high percentage of all cases, can be attributed to the use of antibiotics. It was known by 1988 that one-third of the American people have Candidiasis, and it can affect all body systems. After the discovery that Candida albicans was a serious cause of so many illnesses, a few natural practitioners were able to successfully treat the problem. However, the AMA and the medical world at large, denied its existence for about 15 years. Either due to the pressure of successful holistic medicine, or because a profitable drug was made to treat the disease, the AMA finally put their tails between their legs and admitted that the "quacks" were once again right.

Making Things Complicated

Medical science loves to make things extremely complicated. It keeps people, including doctors, confused. That is another way of producing a monopoly. Every profiteer loves a monopoly; that is, if they are in control of it. Imagine the oil industry's reaction if someone found out how to power our cars with water. People have been killed to stop such inventions. Do you think the medical religion would want to admit that by using certain herbs and by changing the diet, most health problems would be solved?

Now if by some chance you find people that still don't believe that there is a serious problem in our society with conventional medicine, leam what Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. has to say about it. But first let me ask: are you impressed by credentials? See this footnote.243 This is what he has said about the medicine that is currently practiced (that's a great term - the practice of medicine. I guess that means they haven't gotten it right yet! They need more practice.): "The greatest danger to your health is the doctor who practices modern Medicine....! believe that modern Medicine's treatments for disease are seldom effective, and that they're often more dangerous than the disease they're designed to treat...! believe that more than 90% of modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth -doctors, hospitals, drugs, and equipment-and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial.....Every drug stresses and hurts your body in some way." He went on to say that the most dangerous place in the world is in a hospital and the second is in a medical doctor's office.

The modern medical system, officially known as allopathic medicine, is the most dangerous system in terms of the survival of the human race. In number of casualties, it has outranked war244 by many times. Yet, the vast majority of people in the Western World adhere to it like glue, support it like it was their friend, trust in it like it was God, and like cattle walking to the slaughterhouse, become weaker, maimed and often, dead—long before their time.

Like Dr. Jensen, I have been keeping an eye on each new generation of people. Through the iris of the eyes, we can observe the strengths and weaknesses of people. It is frightening to see each new generation becoming weaker and weaker. OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY HAS DEVOLVED TO SUPPORT THE DETERIORATION OF PEOPLE, NOT THEIR WELL-BEING!

Change is Possible

At this point in time the medical industry has several advantages. People have been so conditioned by our fast-paced society to expect quick fixes and instant gratification, that it is difficult to change habits and diet. The food industry has been catering to the ever changing faster and faster pace with quick meals that are proving to be unhealthy. It takes an effort to eat a properly prepared diet. Any person who has the guts to break away from the destructive lifestyles of the Western World is labeled as weird. It is possible, however, to change. And someday this will be turned around and these people will be looked upon as enlightened - those who had the intelligence to dare to turn away from the destructive tide of man's pathetic weakness.

Those of us who are doing so are to be commended. We are also finding ourselves rewarded with greater vitality, awareness and fitness. We are awakening and advancing mentally, spiritually and emotionally. We are remembering to think of cause and effect. As we remember, we will find the strength to change our habits and release unhealthy desires. On the other side of those mind-dulling and body-desensitizing habits and foods is a world of alertness, intelligence, joy, inner peace, harmony, greater awareness, and best of all, love - love for everything.

Politics of Illness

Freedom to Choose?

How can anyone respect a country that forces it's people to use deforming and deadly treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other potentially deadly drugs to attempt to cure diseases such as cancer? After such severe treatments, the whole body's immune system is essentially destroyed. The body is then so weak, how could it possibly go about healing itself? Such treatments are not the part of wisdom. There may be times when these man-made radical treatments will work, (that is usually when the patient's belief in the treatment is incredibly strong) but usually they leave the victims terribly weakened. I believe that whenever they have worked, the healing would have worked better using natural methods. However, I believe that surgery is occasionally a good approach, but only when the infected mass is so huge that it is better to remove it than for the body to absorb it. But the surgeon should then instruct the patients to cleanse, rebuild, improve diet, remove negative emotions, etc. In other words, they should encourage the patient to put an end to the cause.

Amazing Cleanse Results - An Unwanted Challenge to Drugs?

Tens of thousands of people have experienced some very impressive results with my cleansing program. But few people have seen it from my point of view. For I was hearing from hundreds, even thousands of people who have experienced amazing results both during and after the cleanse. In other words, I have had the wonderful opportunity to witness the benefits of so many people as a result of cleansing that I can't help but get excited. From this point of view, I've realized that there is nothing else that is responsible for such amazing miracles. After the first year of seeing these results, I knew that we probably had the greatest health program the world had yet to see. And now after 11 years, I am fully convinced of it. Because of the efficacy of my cleanse, I initially refused to advertise because I didn't want the FDA or the AMA to find out about it. After all, herbs work, and without any of the death or disease-causing side-effects which drugs are known to have. And, as I saw it, my cleansing program has been so remarkably effective that it could have the potential of reducing drug sales. There have been incidents where it has appeared that they have gone out of their way to make herbs and natural healing look bad. And that's putting it mildly - very mildly. When the following incident took place, I had to ask myself if my fears had manifested.

One of my products was mysteriously contaminated, and many people got sick, including myself, because I use my own products. We immediately recalled the affected batches. We sent samples of the batches to one lab after another to try and find out what the problem was. We checked everything we could imagine that could possibly cause the symptoms our people were having, including: lead, other heavy metals, bacteria, parasites, toxic chemicals, etc. Finally, a toxicologist in Massachusetts detected digoxin in the blood of one of the victims, and from that the FDA was able to determine the cause: a low grade digitalis (of the quality that would have been rejected by pharmaceutical companies in their process of making the heart medicine, digitalis). Digitalis is derived from the weed commonly known as Woolly Foxglove, and can be very toxic. This situation prompted us to initiate a major recall, and the timing was perfect if it was designed to put us out of business. It almost did, but we hung in there. Yet it was truly a nightmare for us and for the many customers who were affected.

This unlikely contamination, which was previously never known to occur in plantain, was a major shock, not only to us, but also to over 100 other companies which the FDA discovered had purchased these same plantain supplies. Another shock was when the FDA discovered that the affected batches came from Germany! We had been told by our supplier, who was a personal friend, that it was grown in America and wildcrafted. We paid extra for that, too!

When the FDA announced to the entire world that one of our favorite formulas was potentially deadly, they omitted that the problem was confined to certain batches. Now here is a good question for you. Why is it that the FDA announced through several worldwide media channels that this product was potentially deadly and demanded that people stop using it immediately, but they do not do this with drugs, even with drugs that KILLLLLL!!!! However, look at how many people have died from FDA approved drugs recently and the FDA doesn't bother to tell the public! Look how many people died at the hands of AMA approved procedures. I think that something is deadly wrong!

• More than 2,556 deaths a year are caused by the use of over-the-counter drugs!245

• In the last 10 years, more than 18 million Americans suffered serious, toxic side-effects from medical drugs and had to be hospitalized. That number now averages over 2 million Americans a year!246

• In 1980, 150,000 patients in hospitals died as a result of an infection that they did not have prior to entering the hospital. More recent figures are not being released.

• American deaths from the adverse effects of prescribed drugs in 1995 was over 160,000 !247

• Total conventional medicine-caused deaths is 392,556 =17.74% of all the leading causes of deaths in America.

• That figure (from only one year - 1996) is nearly double the total American causalities during all four years of W. W.II!248 Are Americans at war with medical doctors and/or drug companies? Imagine a war where one side doesn't have enough sense to know that they are being killed by their enemies. And if that isn't bad enough, imagine that the side that is loosing is financially and socially supporting their enemies in their own self destruction and encouraging their friends, families, and even their children to do the same! Has our society gone totally insane!

• At the 1996 level of medical doctor-related deaths (and it is always increasing), in less than 3 years, medical doctors would be responsible for more deaths than ALL THE WARS AMERICA HAS EVER HAD!249

• About 90% of the patients who visit doctors have conditions that will either improve on their own or that are out of reach of modern medicine's ability to solve.250

Is There a Medical Conspiracy?

In my opinion, anyone who does not believe that there is a medical conspiracy should easily qualify to become an ostrich in their next life! Do you have any idea how many doctors have lost their licenses251 because they treated people with alternative methods? Many have even been severely harassed, professionally ruined,252 and killed.253 The results? Americans have become slaves to systems that do not work, and medical doctors and other professionals are afraid to speak up. But it happened so gradually, so cleverly, that 'we the people' got sucked into it. We trusted in credentials instead of common sense. We trusted a science led by in credentials instead of common sense. We trusted a science led by conspirators instead of nature and God. Now we are beginning to see that we have become victims of almost unbelievable treachery. People suffer and die by the millions and we never stop to think why.


Leading causes of death in US in 1996254

All causes 2,262,903

1.   Heart disease 733,834
2.   Cancer  544,278
3.   Medical drugs 162,556255
4.   Stroke  160,431
5.   Infections in hospitals 150,000256
6.   Lung disease 106,140
7.   Accidents 93,874
8.   Pneumonia/Influenza 82,579
9.   Latrogenic disease 8O,OOO257
10.   Diabetes  61,559
11.   HIV/AIDS  32,655
12.   Suicide 30,862
13.   Liver disease  25,135258

Am I the only one that cares? Is there something wrong with me that I care so much? Anyone else out there who cares? Yes, but dam few.

Even worse than promoting death and disease-causing treatments while outlawing effective and safe treatments, is the forcing of innocent children to be stabbed with poison containing needles (vaccines) when no one knows what the long term effects will be. Especially when there is a history259 of disease, deformity, and death associated with vaccines.

In spite of my convictions about using the most natural treatments, I believe that the best therapy a patient can have is usually that which the patient believes in the most, for the belief of a patient is the most important factor of all in getting well. If chemotherapy - then I say go-for-it. If radiation is what they believe in, I would say do it. That is how powerful I believe the mind can be. But, to neglect nutrition and diet is often a form of suicide or murder, and to neglect cleansing and psychological change is simply ignorance. I believe that we should all have the choice to choose. We all should have the right to choose whatever treatment we believe in, but we don't have that right; it has been taken from us. If information or availability of a treatment that works is kept from us then we cannot exercise our right to choose.


I think that in this world of extreme deception and almost constant programming through the news media, television, and uneducated educational systems, people's minds are constantly being manipulated into denying the facts and truth about their health and today's medical industry. The vast majority of people live lifestyles that are downright destructive and the really sad part of it is that most of them have no idea that they are creating a tremendous amount of disease in themselves and their family.

For an example: If you take an average American family with four children, and they eat the standard American diet (SAD), go to the standard American doctors (another SAD), and basically live the lifestyle of the standard American, here are the statistics of their four children: One will die of cancer and another will have cancer and the other two are likely to die of heart disease although there is a better than 70% chance that one will die at the hands of conventional medicine.260 If by some remote chance they all lived to be 90 (which they wouldn't), they all would have diverticulitis as well as many, many other diseases.261

Due to restrictions on the flow of health related information, and due to the outlawing of some alternative treatments, in many situations it appears that there is no choice. I have had to turn away many people who wanted me to treat them for cancer. But the law prevents me. I can only say, "Change the law, and I will be there for you."

Effective Anti-cancer Formulas 'Lost' and Suppressed - Three Doctors Killed

Dr. Koch had developed one of the most successful cancer treatments ever recorded. With cases of advanced cancer, he had a 46% cure rate. When patients were not in a terminal stage, the cure rate averaged 72%.262 His formula saved many lives and was especially effective for leukemia. Dr. Koch had about 4,000 doctors using his "Glyoxylide" before the FDA and AMA found out about it. Then he was arrested and a six month trial ensued. During the trial, one doctor who was testifying in Koch's behalf, was poisoned to death, and another was run down and killed by a car. Dr. Koch survived 13 assassination attempts. He won the case and fled the United States. The Brazilian government offered him the highest position in the Brazilian medical services. He accepted the position, but reportedly did not survive the next attempt on his life; he was poisoned. The Glyoxylide formula was apparently lost forever.263 Was this an unusual situation? Unusual in the sense that it is rare for someone to come up with an effective cancer cure, but certainly not rare for the FDA and AMA to stop it.264

Linus Pauling said that "Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud, and that the National Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society are derelict in their duties to the people who support them."265 Robert C. Atkins, M.D. stated specifically, "There is not one but many cures for cancer available. But they are all being systematically suppressed.266 The distinguished medical journal Lancet reported, in 1975, a study which compared chemotherapy and no treatment at all. The report concluded that no treatment proved a significantly better policy for patients survival and for quality of remaining life.267

Vaccines, Are They Good or Bad?

In 1918, the US Army forced the vaccination of 3,285,376 natives in the Philippines when no epidemic was brewing, only the sporadic cases of the usual mild nature. Of the vaccinated persons, 47,369 came down with small-pox, and of these 16,477 died. In 1919 the experiment was doubled. 7,670,252 natives were vaccinated. Of these 65,180 victims came down with small-pox, and 44,408 died. In the first experiment, one-third died, and in the second, two-thirds of the infected ones died. Here was the beginning of the great vaccine experiment, and it continues today -experimentation.268 I obtained this from Dr. William Koch's book, The Survival Factor in Neoplastic and Viral Diseases.

Dr. Koch, by the way, has been considered by many people as the greatest doctor who ever lived. About vaccines and other drugs, he said this: "The injection of any serum, vaccine, or even penicillin has shown a very marked increase in the incidence of polio - at least 400 percent. Statistics on this are so conclusive, no one can deny it."269

The Federal Centers for Disease Control admitted between 1973 and 1983, 87% of all cases of polio in the US were caused by the polio vaccine, and from 1980 through 1989, it was 100%. Not only that but some people outside of the US who "caught" polio, had previously been vaccinated against the disease. Lot of good the vaccine did, right?270

About 50% of all people who contract diphtheria, have been fully vaccinated and 33% of the fatal cases had been fully vaccinated.271

Lot of good the vaccine did, right?

Eight years before the first measles vaccine was injected into a human body, the death rate of the epidemic had declined 97.7% and was still dropping. Yet the drug companies took the credit for eliminating the disease. This is a typical propaganda technique in the vaccine brain washing experiment.272

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), those who have been vaccinated for measles have a 14 times greater chance of getting the disease. Lot of good the vaccine does, right?273

In 1976 more than 500 people who received their flu shots were paralyzed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. 30 died. That same year, this disease was at least 50% greater among the vaccinated US Army personnel than unvaccinated civilians.274

DPT. If ever there was a diabolical sinister activity directed against children it is DPT vaccination. Nothing to my knowledge has caused such horrible and unnecessary suffering and death to children other than DPT. Thousands of children, after going through unbelievable agony and long screaming fits, experienced the following: permanent blindness, continuous seizures, inability to speak, permanent dyslexia, shock, hallucinations, permanent disablement, permanent brain damage, convulsions, and death. Studies have shown that approximately 1 out of 200 children have suffered severe reactions. Other studies have shown that children who received the DPT shot have an 8 times greater chance of dying in childhood than normal. Dr. Viera Scheibnerova, the author of one of the studies announced that "vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant deaths". Another study of 103 children who died of SIDS, found that two-thirds had been vaccinated with DPT prior to dying.275 And they force this on our children by law. Not my children. No way!276 Based upon information available in 1985, I have figured that approximately 4,000 children die each year from DPT vaccine.

I agree with Dr. Hodge: "Compulsory vaccination ranks with human slavery and religious persecution, as one of the most flagrant outrages upon the rights of the human race."277

Excerpts from a letter from Eleanor McBean, Ph.D. to Governor Edmund G. Brown of California, October 1964: "......I have uncovered some shocking data, showing that our government, medical and military authorities know that vaccination has killed and crippled thousands of innocent people; but the facts have been suppressed. The vaccine business has continued to thrive in spite of its disastrous failure, for the mere reason that it nets millions of dollars for the promoters, and this buys power with governments and propaganda control over the masses who don't know how to think for themselves."278

Let me give you an example of some the substances they put into vaccines. Here is a list: substances from the skin of calves inoculated with seed virus, inactivated virus from infected cattle tongue epithelium, live virus attenuated by embryonate egg or mouse passage and propagated in tissue culture, virus strains prepared in chick embryo cell culture, rabies from duck embryo origin. Other vaccines contain live virus prepared from duck embryo or human diploid cell culture, calf lymph, a formaldehyde-inactivated suspension of Rickettsia prowazekii grown in embryonate eggs, a suspension of dried mouse brain infected with French neurotropic strain of yellow fever virus279. Further vaccine ingredients may include: rotten horse blood (for diphtheria toxin and antitoxin), macerated cancerous breasts, sweepings from vacuum cleaners (for asthma and hay fever), pus from sores on diseased animals, metallic poisons, powdered insects, mucus from the throats of children with colds and whooping cough, decomposed fecal matter from typhoid patients, sewage, urine, fecal matter, and cow sore pus.280 Do you believe in witchcraft? Some people actually believe that witchcraft, or something like Satanism, is the intelligence behind the medical conspiracy. But do you really believe that even witches would use the ingredients just described?

Many doctors believe that the massive epidemics today of cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and more are related to vaccines. I agree. Many of us believe that it is only a matter of time now, that our modern disease epidemics will turn into massive death epidemics. Mankind is well prepared. We've been drugged beyond logic, programmed to eat unnatural and toxic foods, forced to drink polluted water and breathe toxic air. Our daily lives are full of stress and fear, and now, we even experience serious electronic pollution on a daily basis. Indeed, we have been well prepared for major disasters. For the last 70 years or so, each generation has been well prepared by our medical system, news media, schools, etc. Each generation produces a weaker generation. It is very illuminating to examine a whole family. I have studied the irises of a grandmother, then the mother, then the children. The iris reveals the constitutional strengths and weaknesses of the person. When I've compared the children with the grandmother, I wonder how the children arc even alive. No way will they live like their grandmother to be 90. And so it is. Children are becoming weaker and weaker, and you may have noticed, fatter and fatter, like hogs being prepared for slaughter. Disease is becoming more and more prevalent, and no government agency is doing anything about it. There is a reason why they vaccinated the Filipinos. Do you know what the reason is? It is the same reason they vaccinate everywhere else in the world where people are gullible enough to allow it. It is the same reason they want to do it to our children. There are not many doctors who know the reason, because: 1.) It is beyond their imagination and 2.) They have been well programmed in believing that it is doing people some good. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reason for vaccination is that there is nothing more effective in weakening the bodies, minds, wills, imagination, sensitivity, awareness, and spiritual awareness of any person than putting highly toxic, foreign DNA, and poisonous substance into the body and disabling the immune system. For our immune systems were never meant to function in the way that vaccines necessitate. Our society is a highly programmed society. I believe it is highly controlled by forces that most people know nothing about. These forces have gone to great lengths to keep this kind of information out of the hands of the people. They have deliberately and successfully programmed society to not believe that these forces even exist.

So now, most people are so conditioned that they cannot believe the truth when it is presented. Evidence indicates that when cattle are walking down the chute to be slaughtered, they know something is terribly wrong; they act as if they are filled with fear. Are cattle more aware than humans? Indeed, the masses of mankind have no idea how they are being controlled and manipulated into sheep-like consciousness. Is it too late to turn the tide? I believe it may well be too late very soon.

In summary, I quote Dr. J.M. Peebles, MD., "Vaccination is the most outrageous insult that can be offered to any pure-minded man or woman. It is the boldest and most impious attempt to mar the work of God that has been attempted for ages. ...It is time that free American citizens arise in their might and blot out the whole blood-poisoning business." I strongly suggest that you read the books about vaccines which are listed in the back of this book. You may leam that the massive increase in cancer, heart disease, AIDS, Candida albicans, and many other diseases may be associated with vaccines. Yet because vaccines have this delayed time-bomb effect, it may be difficult to trace diseases back to vaccines.

Wake up America and the world! It is almost too late! For many it is too late. For those who still have a chance, cleanse and purify thyselves, get rid of the deadly programming and poisons within you, and pray daily for the protection of your loved ones and the rest of the world. Eat the foods intended by the creator, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains. Cleanse and rebuild. Eliminate all that is unnatural.


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